Be Heard Nationally at Local Rates

No matter how big or small your campaign is, we make sure you reach the correct audience at an affordable price

Plan & Buy Your AD Slots

We provide all the tools to make your campaign a success.Our simple interface enables you to plan and buy advertising slots in stations that have a listenership that compliments your business. We also tell you the time within which maximum customers related to your target group tune in. We optimize your campaign to render highest Return On Investment.

What We Do for You

Doing the Right Thing!

If you do one thing, do it wholeheartedly. If you cannot dominate every radio station, dominate a single channel, show or timeframe.This ensures exclusivity of your Ads and saves them from getting lost in the clutter. As you witness success, increase your reach.

Deciding the Right Station, Show & Time

Everyone has a unique list of favorite radio stationsprogrammed into their home and car radios. However, the stations you tune into may not be the ones that your customers listen to. So don't limit your advertising to the stations you like. Doing so, misses out a huge portion of your target market.

Determining Reach Vs Frequency

Reach: In media ratings, the unduplicated number of individuals exposed to a message at least once during the average week for a reported time period.

Frequency: The number of times individuals are exposed to same message. Which one do you prefer, reaching 100 people 1 time or 25 people 4 times?

Buying radio time. How much is enough?

You need to ensure that your message reaches enough listeners to make the campaign worth your budget. You can always start small, but we recommend the tried- and – tested 13 weeks.

Hearing your commercials over a longer period of time ultimately gets you noticed. Your name and message sink in, precisely why you're advertising in the first place.

Case Studies

Client : Craftsvilla.com
Category :E- Commerce
Objectives :Drive Sales

Client : Knowlarity Communications
Category :E- Commerce
Objectives :Generate Buzz

Client : Ethinicity
Category :Fashion
Objectives :Brand Awareness & Generate Buzz

Client : Escee    
Category :FMCG
Objectives :Drive Sales

Client :IIMM,Mumbai
Category :Education
Objectives : Notify Events